Home Staging

Staging to Accelerate Home Sales

Homeowners typically decorate a home based on personal taste, design aesthetic and lifestyle.  A professional staging specialist takes an entirely different approach, painting a much broader stroke across the colorful palette of prospective buyers.  Our design specialists not only take your home’s interior and architectural features into account, but also define what will appeal to the greatest number of buyers who fit within your neighborhood’s demographic profile. Through well-defined furniture groupings and complementary accessories, we create atmospheric scenes that allow prospective buyers to imagine them, rather than you, living in the home.   

Very few homeowners have the time or desire to spend hours poring over home sale statistics and associated buyer profiles. In contrast, such tasks are a part of our everyday business activity.  We assure you aren’t stuck with the responsibility of “guesstimating” what to do within your home to make it sell.  After all, your goal is to move to your next destination.  Ours is to make your current home sell in less time, with more offers at higher price points so you can move along your way, lickety-split, with more money in your pocket.  That’s what we refer to as investing dollars with sense.

         We offer a wide variety of staging packages to fit both your budget and personal preference.  From our customized Luxury Package for high profile properties and model homes, to the Designer Package that includes furniture and accessories for three rooms, to the Investor Package with specialized pricing for multiple properties—and our Accessory Package, for those who require no furniture, we’ve got you covered with a soft, warm blanket of options.