Interior Design

Professional Interior Design Services

We offer a variety of design services ranging from full service Interior Design and styling to options for those more inclined toward a minimalistic approach, all of which are executed with beautiful, custom-tailored results. Whether you have an entire house in need of decorating or you just want to add the finishing touches to a room, we strive to make the process a stress-free, enjoyable experience.  Our comprehensive design service options include:

Complete Home or Single Room Redesigns: Over time, lives and lifestyles change.  This ever-changing ebb and flow we call life sometimes requires a whole-home makeover, or one room in desperate need of updating or redesign. Whether you want to downsize or upsize your space in an elegant, classic style, or just want to collapse at the end of the day in a comfy-cozy lounge-like atmosphere, we can envelope you in intoxicating design choices. 

Bath and Kitchen Updates: Our custom room designs include kitchens and bathrooms, the areas that discerning buyers evaluate first and foremost when purchasing a home.  For these challenging spaces, our design package includes suggestions for room layout, cabinet style and finish, counter top material and color, flooring, backsplash design, decorative plumbing recommendations, wall color, and accessories. During our design consultation, combined with your responses on the Lifestyle Questionnaire, we gather information to transform your space with selective touches and treatments that make powerful statements.

Architectural Remodels: Sometimes, it just makes more economic sense to stay in your fabulous home and neighborhood by remodeling, rather than moving.   From blending families, to a desire to reconfigure a closed space into an open-concept design, our professional designers can create a custom-tailored CAD design for your general contractor as well as collaboratively work with you to evaluate contractor bids and timelines to assure your design elements arrive and are installed within your contractor’s timeframe.    

Reconstruction and Redesign:  Let’s face it, sometimes nature works against us!  We can assist in reconfiguring your space and getting your world back in order, in the event that floods, fires or another of life’s little unexpected events comes knocking at your door.