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The Way We Work is Simple -

Staging Furniture has a unique edge in today’s real estate market. We provide an extraordinary service to Realtors®, Builders and Home Owners who want to realize maximum value for their property. The way we work is simple. We begin by providing an in-home consultation. During the consultation, you’ll receive a personalized analysis of how best to stage your home to appeal to the broadest sector of buyers searching for homes within your demographic locale. 

Upon approval and execution of the staging design contract, we will configure a customized floor plan that highlights your home’s best features while simultaneously drawing attention away from those areas of the home that Buyers would find less appealing. Once the plan is finalized, custom selected furnishings will be delivered and positioned by our highly skilled professional design team. We focus on making sure your home is the clear market leader within the wide variety of available listings.

No matter what your home’s architectural style, our team can enhance its marketability. Staging Furniture’s creative team can customize your home’s blueprint for quick-sale success at a price point that will fit within your budget. Our current design projects include listings priced from $100,000 to over $10,000,000.

Stylists and Design Professionals

Whether your home’s greatest appeal would include a transformation using a vintage inspired motif, or perhaps an industrial chic design, our professional stylists have the resources and expertise essential to create the total design package. We will customize and select the unique patterns, textures and furnishings to tell a story. Today’s Buyers want to experience a lifestyle when touring a home, a lifestyle not experienced where they currently live. Our design team determines if your particular locale is in transition by reviewing market statistics to see who is buying homes in your neighborhood. 

We take the data and synthesize it to create the particular story that will most appeal to that group. In a “hot” market, that means we provide the added touches that draw more offers at higher price points.   On the other end of the spectrum, within a neighborhood that shows longer days on the market before a sale, we’ll add the lifestyle sparkle that’s one notch above the neighborhood’s current demographic. What that means is that Buyers previewing your home are provided a glimpse into a more luxurious way of life, one they don’t see as they tour others homes within the neighborhood.

We hand select the finest pieces to accentuate architectural features, creating your home’s unique story and model home appeal for prospective Buyers. No detail goes unnoticed, as our team follows our proprietary 50-point Quality Assurance Blueprint throughout the entire design project. Our goal? To exceed your greatest expectations. Our dedicated installation team completes the design process with both commitment and passion—because your home sale success, ultimately, is our bottom line.

Staging Packages 


Accessory Package: 

Includes accessories only for properties up to 1500 sq ft. Amenities include: Kitchen---3 place settings for the bar, canisters, cookbook, cutting board with décor and wine bottle; Master Closet---hangers and decorative bags and/or boxes; 7 pieces of art; 2 Bathrooms are included with towels, accessories, shower curtain and rod.

From kitchen-island and bar-area place settings, to wine racks and glasses—we even throw in a regional cookbook and stand, or two--this package adds the perfect blend of sparkle to attract Buyer attention. We’ll custom-select unique center pieces, canister sets and textiles to grace your home. Bathrooms will be staged with lifestyle-appropriate towels, toiletries, shower curtains and amenities--from artistic design accents, soap and lotion dishes--to artful vanity center pieces—we’ll provide a customized blueprint for your home sale. 

Add a bit of artwork, coupled with greenery accents to draw the eye and create a graceful flow throughout the home…and you have the perfect blend of “fabulous” to assure “just sold” success!

Design Packages: 

Three living spaces will be transformed such that Buyers feel certain they have just stepped into a model-home-gorgeous environment.  Each of the spaces will include furnishings, accessories, artwork, rugs, trees and all-things-floral.  
Because architectural features and floor plans are unique from home to home, this package is all about flexibility. We provide you the ability to maximize selling potential! This design package offers you the option of choosing which rooms to include within lifestyle design groupings, based on the unique aspects of your home. 
As a value-added bonus, Staging Furniture’s design aesthetic has inspired prospective Buyers to request what we call a “one stop shopping” experience when purchasing a home. With today’s “plug-and-play” high tech environment, busy professional Buyers value the option to purchase a home and the perfectly placed furnishings within it. 
Buyers often ask if furniture featured within the home can be included within their home sale. In response to this request, we have developed a unique program that provides our homeowners a commission when buyers purchase the furniture with the property! Ask about this option---and you shall receive info!


Light Staging Package: 

Amenities include a few furniture pieces and accessories up to 2,000 sq ft. As an example: Entry or Front Room---2 chairs, console, art, rug, lamp and accessories; Kitchen----

dinette table, 2 chairs, 2-3 barstools place settings and accessories; Master Bedroom---2 chairs, accent table, art and accessories; Guest Bedrooms---console or accent chair, art

and accessories: Closet---decorative items and 3 Bathrooms are included.


Silver Package: 

Amenities include furniture and accessories. For example: Master Bedroom---bed, 2 night stands, mattress and box springs, 2 lamps, bedding, 2 pieces of art, rug and

accessories. Living Room----sofa, 2 chairs, coffee table, 2 end tables, rug and accessories. Dining Room----dining table, up to 6 chairs, rug, art and accessories. One Bathroom per

room staged is included with our Design Package.


Platinum Package: 

Amenities include higher end furniture and accessories. For example: Master Bedroom---bed, 2 night stands, mattress and box springs, 2 lamps, bedding, 2 pieces of art, rug and

accessories. Living Room----sofa, 2 chairs, coffee table, 2 end tables, rug and accessories. Dining Room----dining table, up to 6 chairs, rug, art and accessories. One Bathroom per

room staged is included with our Design Package.


Luxury Package: 

We call this our “Over the Top Fabulous” package….aka Living La Vida Luscious and Loving It! If your home is one-of-a-kind spectacular, it makes sense to market it as the Picasso that it is! HOWEVER, that said, Buyers within this particular demographic have the financial means to custom-order their homes. So, our job is to demonstrate to them why it makes more sense to buy your already-available-and-spectacular home, versus creating a one-of-a-kind of their own.
We work directly with you and your staff to demonstrate why your property offers specific advantages over other options…from eliminating time frame frustrations associated with custom design and building, to the advantages of purchasing a home that is move-in (including furnishings) ready---we “package” your home such that prospective purchasers visualize a home purchase that eliminates the hassles and associated expenses of maintaining the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to (or dream of).

Re-Design Program: 

For Vacant or Occupied Properties Includes:

  • 1 Hour consultation at the property
  • Digital presentation with images of spaces and recommendations
  • Design services for material selections, paint selections, carpet, etc.